The building process takes place in a climate-controlled workspace using the combination of proven traditional methods and modern techniques for maximum consistency and quality. The guitar tops are carved and shaped to exact standards according to the stiffness, density and flexibility of the wood.

“I am very passionate about the influence of the mechanics and physics on the sound quality of my instruments. That is why I always use a strobe tuner to measure and monitor the thinning process of the tops. Through this way of working I try to gain a deeper understanding of the acoustics of each instrument. Arched tops and backs are individually hand-carved using convex hand planes and scrapers. Because I attach great importance to the thinning process, which is unique to each individual guitar, I do not use any router or CNC-controlled equipment for carving the top and back plate. This way I can meet the best tonal qualities.

I use hot hide glue or aliphatic resin glue and other synthetic adhesives depending on each specific part and intended use. My aim is to maintain the highest possible quality standards throughout the depending on each specific part and intended use. This ensures that these musical instruments are crafted with consistent build quality and cleanliness both internally and externally.

I use only the best the materials and techniques without exception.

The strength of my business lies in the fact that I can flexibly respond to the needs and demands of the customer.”

Certified Craft

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